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Don´t frost the pie

17 July
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Name: Sydney Anne Bristow
Nickname: Syd
Born: 17 April 1975

About her:
When she was six years old Sydney´s mother Laura was killed in a car accident. Throughout her childhood her father Jack was absent, spending most of his time on work. During her freshman year at college a man approached her saying that the U.S. government wanted to talk to her about a possible job. Feeling lonely and out of place she called them. She was accepted to SD-6, a covert division of the C.I.A. and after six months she tested to be a field agent. She excelled and was told that she was a natural. Sydney worked as a field agent for seven years, finishing college and entering graduate school at the same time. During her time at SD-6, run by Arvin Sloane, Sydney went on various missions around the world believing that she was protecting her country. As seven years passed Sydney's friends believed she worked at a bank called Credit Dauphine since one of the main rules at SD-6 was that you do not tell anyone you work in the intelligence field.

Sydney dated Daniel Hecht, who was studying to be a pediatric cardiologist for two years when he proposed. Sydney happily accepted but the fact that she was lying to Danny about her job weighed heavily on her shoulders. She finally decided to tell him everything. Though Danny had a hard time accepting it at first, he realized that the most important thing was that he loved Sydney. However, Arvin Sloane discovered that Sydney had told him and ordered Danny's execution. Sydney returned from a mission in Taipei to find Danny's bloody body in his bathtub.

Sydney left work for three months, which left SD-6 questioning her loyalty. She was attacked one night in a parking garage and was shocked when it was her father who came to her rescue. Jack Bristow revealed to his daughter that he worked for SD-6. In addition he told her that SD-6 was not a black ops division of the C.I.A. as she had been led to believe but a branch of the Alliance of Twelve, a group of agents who went freelance about a decade before and dealt in arms, among other things. In her father's words, she was working for the very people she thought she was fighting.

With this new information Sydney went to Taipei on a mission to regain Sloane's trust. Once this was completed she walked directly to the Los Angeles offices of the Central Intelligence Agency and began her life as a double agent. In this position Sydney met with her handler,
Michael Vaughn, to discuss counter missions that would thwart the plans of SD-6. She also discovered that her father was also a double agent and the two who barely knew each other were now depending on each other for their lives.